Crazy Time Online Live Casino

Crazy Time’ is one of the newest online live casino games brought to you by none other then the legendary Evolution Gaming, and here at crazytime.live we provide you with the best promotions, information, and strategies.

Crazy Time wheel
The new game Crazy Time is a huge hit.

Crazy Time is very exciting! It has two wheels and four unique bonusawards! The Top Slot spins one of the segments or bonuses with a multiplier (up to 50x), the second wheel then spins and stops at a segment or a bonus. Get a bonus with a multiplier on top and you may find yourself weeping of joy.

Top slot crazy time
The Top Slot can give an extra multiplier.

The players place their bets on segments (1, 2, 5 or 10) and/or exciting bonuses: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.

One bet consists of two spins: the Top Slot and the main spin. The Top Slot decides which segment or bonus will have a multiplier.

How to Play

Crazy Time spin

The Crazy Time wheel consists of 55 triangles or lines, each of them representing either a segment or a bonus. The segments represented are 1, 2, 5, and 10 and the bonuses are Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time.

The following are the number segments, each number segment will always multiply your bet by itself.

Bonus Games

Crazy Time Wheel

Coin Flip

The flip of a coin decides which multiplier players will win. A coin, red on one side blue on the other will be flipped to determine if it is multiplier red or multiplier blue that is won.


This bonus game features a physical Pachinko glass wall with several pegs. The croupier will drop a puck, at the bottom awaits several different multipliers and the player wins whatever multiplier the puck lands on. Pachinko also has another fun feature, ‘DOUBLE’. If the puck hits ‘DOUBLE’ all multipliers will be doubled and the puck will be dropped again! In Pachinko, multipliers can reach up to 10.000x.

Cash Hunt

One of the two interactive bonuses in Crazy Time. 108 multipliers appear on a wall, they are then hidden behind a figure and shuffled. The player has to shoot at the figure they believe contains the multiplier they want.

Crazy Time

When the pin slows down and goes to Crazy Town, players can really hit the jackpot. With up to 20.000x multiplier and the ‘DOUBLE’ feature, Crazy Town is the epitome of bonuses. The croupier opens the red door and takes the players into the interactive Crazy Town, where there is a giant wheel. Players can choose one of three colors: Yellow, Green, and Blue. The colors will stop on three different places on the wheel where players get a multiplier, a double or a triple. If your color hits the double or triple, you get a respin with all of the multipliers doubled. There’s a reason it’s called Crazy Time.