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So I’ve gone to the live casino and scoured social media to gather strong strategies. An online live casino game like Crazy Time will never have something bulletproof. Like any other Casino, the house never loses. This does not mean you can not win here, cause you absolutely can. Just keep in mind that following a single strategy might not always go your way.

Chart of segments and odds
The wheel consists of all in all 54 pockets. One pocket can hold one number or a bonus.

What I’ve learned playing Crazy Time

  • It might sound like the best solution to bet on everything, it’s not.
  • Don’t hold a grudge. Nothing worse then crying in the shower because you “forgot” to place a bet on Crazy Time that one time it had 25x multiplier in the Top Slot.
  • Play for fun, not for earning. There are way to few who become millionaires on live casinos to risk making it a profession.

Why betting on everything is a bad idea

If I just bet on everything, then I’m guaranteed to win.

said no one ever

No, because of simple mathematics. There is no way to bet that will guarantee you can win all the money you placed in the bet in the first place. You can play safer though.

SegmentsChance of hittingRTP (Return to Player)
Coin Flip7.4%95.70
Cash Hunt3.7%95.27
Crazy Time1.8%94.41
A table showing the chance for your bet to hit and the RTP.

Playing on 1s & 2s

As the board has 54 pockets, and 34 of them are 1s & 2s. In theory you should win 33.33% of the time.

A random set of the last 21 hits on the wheel.
A random set of the last 21 hits on the wheel.

However, we must not forget about the Top Slot which in my opinion is the most exciting part of this gamble, and what makes it worth playing on 1s & 2s in the first place. All of a sudden there will be a 50x multiplier on 1, which can really make that a pretty big win for being 1 in the first place.

A random set of the last 21 hits on the wheel.
50x on the number 2.

For the adrenaline loving bonus hunter: The MartinGale Strategy

The MartinGale Strategy is a simple, straight forward strategy. It is a negative progression system meaning you double your betsize when you lose. For each loss you place a higher bet to win back the what you lost. For a Live Casino game like Crazy Time where one of the bonuses should come every sixth spin, the MartinGale strategy can be effective, but also brutal. The strategy crumbles if you are unlucky, statistically the bonus comes every six rounds, but this is by no means a guarantee and one can go many many rounds without a bonus, this is important to keep in mind and weigh in if you want to use this strategy.

How to MartinGale:

The first step is to place a bet on all four bonuses. Let’s say you start with a bet of €0.25 on each bonus, this adds up to €1.
If you do not win you will increase your bet to €0.50 each bonus, the total bet is now €2. Your next bet will be €1 on each of the bonuses amounting to a total of €4. The next bet will be a total of €8 (€2 on each bonus). And so it goes on for as long as you have the stomach for or untill you win.

Playing on bonus only

In theory, there should be a bonus every sixth spin. If you are lucky, you’ll have more then one bonus after another. It does happen all the time in Crazy Time.

One way you can play is to bet on several of the segments and bonuses. You can bet on everything and win on every spin but you may still find your balance dropping. Before placing your bets think about how many of your bets that will actually win you money, and figure out which you’ll lose on even if it goes in.

Happy betting!

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